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Spring 2019 Holiday Programme Information

Week of 30th Sept - 4 Oct 2019

Monday 30th Sept: Team Challenges and Technology Day

Welcome to ASK Spring Holidays. Heaps of team challenges to kick-start our Spring Holiday programme! After lunch you can either watch an ASK movie or spend some time on your screen ( PG rated only)

Tuesday 1st October: Trip: Movies & Flipcity /Onsite: Science Exploration

Trip: The first trip of these holidays will be to the Events Cinema for a movie....popcorn and a drink will come your way as well. Munch your way through a great movie this morning! ( We will let you know which movie closer to the time).

After lunch we will head off to Flipcity.. remember to bring along your grip socks or $3 to purchase them. Jump to your heart's delight this afternoon.

On-site: Science Exploration: We will make some gloop and slime, among other things today.

Wednesday 2nd October: Burger making and Mug decorating

This morning we will be making our own burgers. With a basic recipe and ingredients provided, you will be able to add your own special ingredients to make a super amazing tasting burger for your lunch!

After lunch everyone will be given a mug to decorate. With ceramic paints, you will be able to create your own unique mug.

Thursday 3rd Oct: Trip: A Day out in the Plaza/ Onsite: Hut Building

Trip: A fun, mystery trip to the Plaza today! Shopping, lunch out and more fun will be had if you join our trip today.

Onsite: We will be making the biggest, best huts ever today. Get together with your friends, bring some blankets and hut building materials, then create a GIGANTIC hut today!

Friday 4th October: Dress up Party Day with a shared lunch

Come dressed up today and be in to win a prize for your costume! Go all out to make this day amazing! We will have a lot of fun....Party games, plays and more will make this a party day to remember! Shared lunch too!

Week of 7th - 11th October

Monday 7th October: T-shirt Art

Bring along your own plain, dark coloured t-shirt  ( ie. preferably  black or navy) to decorate today. 

Tuesday 8th October: Trip: Gymnastics & Lido Aquatic Centre/Onsite: Wheel's Day

Trip: A fun morning at the Gym today. What amazing feats of physical strength and agility can we perform today? Surprise yourself!! Then after lunch we will head off to the pool for an afternoon of fun! Make sure you bring your togs and towels!

Onsite: Bring your wheels today to enjoy at ASK.

Wednesday 9th October: Master Chef Cake Making & Puppets

In teams today, we will be making a cake of your choice, then icing it as well. Team prizes for best tasting cake, best presentation and best team work.

After lunch we will be making puppets then creating some puppet plays to entertain everyone:)

Thursday 10th October: Trip:Outdoor Adventures/Onsite: Planter decorating

Today we are heading off to explore many of the playgrounds and parks in Palmerston North. Make sure you have warm jackets, covered shoes and clothes for any weather today! You will have lunch provided at a mystery destination as well. Heaps of fun and adventures to try some new things today!

Onsite: We will be painting and decorating a planter, then planting a flower seed in it.

Friday 11rh October: PJ Party Day

This is the last day of the holidays! Wow they went fast! Come along in your Pjs or Onesies and enjoy a chilled out day with movies, popcorn, your own technology, and party food for a shared lunch together.

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