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Further Enrolment Information


Enrolment is finalized upon completion of an enrolment form and payment of the first fees. Please inform us of any relevant changes to your enrolment details. It is crucial that we have up-to-date information. If your child/ren are no longer coming to the programme, we require two weeks notice please.


We provide breakfast during our before school sessions, if required. During the after school sessions we provide afternoon tea. For full day sessions, i.e. during the school holidays, we provide afternoon teas, and  the children need to bring their own morning tea and lunch.


Once your child's name is on the roll, we expect to see him/her at ASK for the days he/she is enrolled. If your child is going to be absent please notify us as soon as possible. A message left on the ASK answer phone will always be checked and the absence noted. 

Collecting your children

Children are only allowed to leave the ASK premises with an adult that has been named on the enrolment form. If a person arrives to collect your child whose name is not on the enrolment form, then we will (for your child's safety) keep your child in our care until you have been located for consent. If, through unforeseen circumstances, someone else is picking up your child, please let us know prior to your child being picked up. Please remember the programme closes at 5:45 pm. This means that your child/ren need to have left our care by this time. 

Signing your child in and out

We have a signout registe for you to sign you child out for the day. If you want your children to walk or bike home without you, please put this in writing for us. This keeps everyone safe. In this case the child must let a staff member know they are leaving and a staff member will sign them out. For the before school programme and full day programmes we require you to sign your child in as well.

Policies and Procedures

Please contact us if you would like to view our Policies and Procedures booklet. It contains detailed information on health and safety, making complaints, employment practices, etc.

Behaviour Management

We use behaviour management techniques that encourage positive self-esteem development. It is our goal to ensure that you and your children experience an environment which is caring, homely and safe; where the children feel secure and respected. We offer a stimulating, varied and flexible programme. Every effort is made to help your child settle into our programme, but if a child's behaviour is consistently putting either him/herself or others at risk, we will require your child to be removed from the programme.


Please click here for an outline of the fees. The fees are payable in advance, either weekly or fortnightly. You may pay by automatic payment, internet banking, cheque or cash. Please arrange this with Christina. Cheques and Cash are receipted the day of receiving them. If you require an annual receipt for the end of the financial year, please let Christina know. Fees are tax deductible!

Holiday Programme:ASK charges a base enrolment fee, and any extra activity fees on top. Extra activity fees change each holidays depending on what we are doing. The programme and fees are online 2 - 3 weeks before the school holidays. Paid fees, confirms your place in the programme. Holiday programme fees are non-refundable, unless we can fill the vacancy with another child.

WINZ subsidiesavailable on all programmes.


The staff are trained to deal with emergencies. In the case of a serious accident involving your child we will contact you and call for an ambulance. In a civil emergency the staff will remain with the children until they are all collected.


For any outings we plan, you will be informed before the children are taken. You will be asked to fill in a permission slip. Whenever the group leaves the facility, a note will be left informing callers of our whereabouts and expected arrival/departure times.


The programme has a complaints procedure. It is displayed at our centre. If you have any problems please see Christina and she will be happy to assist you with your concerns.

Sick Children

We are not able to care for sick children at ASK. If your child becomes ill while at the programme, you will be contacted and asked to collect your child. If you child is on any medication and you want us to administer it to him/her, please see one of the staff and fill in our medicine form. If you would like to leave Pamol at ASK, in the case of your child getting a headache, please organize that with us as we are not able to administer any form of painkillers without written consent.

If there is anything further you would like to know about our programme please don't hesitate to ask.

We hope your association with After School Kids is a long and happy one.